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PlayStation Portal surprises, and Sony promises more units



The enormous success of PlayStation Portal, whose stocks are sold out in the vast majority of regions where it was made available, took many people by surprise. Including Sony itself. In an interview with Game File, Hiromi Wakai, the company's VP of Product Management and mainly responsible for transforming the initial project into a final device, admitted that the gadget has already been producing much more than expected and promised more units in stores soon .

But let's start at the beginning: where did the idea for the accessory come from and why isn't it a PS Vita 2? The answer is relatively simple: practicality. Sony didn't want to create something from scratch, nor give developers more work to port their games to another device or have to create specific titles for it. The objective was just to give a new look to a feature that can be very useful, Remote Play.

It's okay that it works with iPhone and iPad, for example, but PlayStation Portal provides an experience similar to using a DualSense on your PlayStation 5, but with a beautiful screen in the palm of your hand. And without needing to be robust with cutting-edge hardware, as it uses its own remote connection to the PS5. According to Wakai, in fact, the name comes from that: creating a Portal.

“Initial discussions about this product started from the question of how to expand the gaming experience of the PS5 console, and not launch a separate portable device,” he commented.

With the good result, even after some doubts and criticisms in its advertisement, the gadget is now very desired by many people. Even here in Brazil, where its official launch has not yet been confirmed. In any case, Wakai confirms that Sony is attentive to demand and guarantees that “everything is on schedule” in production, with new units on the way to the market “soon”.

Digital Foundry: PlayStation Portal is “bright and vibrant”

PlayStation Portal was analyzed by the Digital Foundry team, and experts commented on a series of details about the device and provided recommendations for those who want to use it more consistently. According to journalist Richard Leadbetter, the equipment is a “great piece of kit”. Fundamentally, it consists of a DualSense “cut in half”, where all the control features, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, are inserted as native technologies. Read more here.

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