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PlayStation studios are “very motivated”, says Sony



Hiroki Totoki shared important information in Sony's latest financial report. He said he has been visiting PlayStation studios and getting very positive responses, finding creative and highly motivated developers.

However, Totoki assumes that he sees room for improvements in the technological process and in the production chain for the company's exclusive titles.

Now, about visiting the studios, and I had meetings with the leaders there – at the studios. The people who work in the studios have very high motivation. They are very motivated. They are very good people. And they are very creative people. They have excellent creative minds. And they also have knowledge about live streaming. However, having said that, when it comes to the business itself, I think there is room for improvement. And this has to do with how to use the money or about the development schedule or how to fulfill the responsibility towards development, etc. These are my honest impressions. So I'm going to continue to talk to people so we can find the right way forward.

Marvel's Spider-Man 3Marvel's Spider-Man 3
Source: Insomniac

Totoki also emphasizes that overall responsibility for the business does not have to come from developers. This is a duty of the organization as a whole, and all this talk of profits and revenue needs to come naturally to the PlayStation studios.

PlayStation studios will not release major franchise games in 2024

This statement about PlayStation studios was accompanied by another interesting news about Sony's production of first-party titles. In 2024, major franchises such as God of War, The Last of Us and Horizon will not have new games, however, new series, such as Concord, may emerge. Look!

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