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Pre-sales of the PULSE Elite Headset begin in Brazil



Pre-orders for the Pulse Elite Headset have already started on Amazon Brazil. If you want to have this high-quality device to immerse yourself in the gameplay, you can pre-order it at the retailer right now.

The product will be launched on June 7, 2024 and delivery will be free for Amazon Prime members.

The difference between the Pulse Elite Headset is its planar magnetic speakers and noise cancellation. They work like this:

  • Planar Magnetic Speakers: Studio-inspired speakers reproduce ambient sound with ultra-low distortion to deliver rich detail and deep, clear bass so you hear exactly what game developers intended.
  • Noise cancellation enhanced by: AI Be heard loud and clear with the microphone featuring noise cancellation technology powered by artificial intelligence.

They can also work on multiple devices with PlayStation Link. To secure yours, the link is below:

More advantages when pre-selling the Pulse Elite Headset on Amazon Brazil

It is worth remembering that by pre-ordering the Pulse Elite wireless headset, you will have access to the “Guaranteed Lowest Price Pre-order on Amazon” advantage. It works like this:

  • If payment is made by bank slip and there is a decrease in the price offered from the time of purchase until the launch of the product, the difference will be refunded as a gift certificate. If you want to transfer the amount to your checking account, please contact Customer Service.
  • If the item is shipped before the release date and its price decreases before the end of the release day, the difference between the amount paid by you and the actual value of the item (considering the same listing) will be automatically refunded to your credit card. credit, generally, between 24 and 48 hours after the item is shipped.

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