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production rents house on golf course



Yes, it will happen. There will be no way. The adaptation of The Last of Us Part II for HBO's The Last of Us series will have that scene. And the production has already defined where everything will happen. A house was reportedly rented in the Mission region, British Columbia, Canada, for filming. Very close to a golf course.

Images were published by the The Last of Us News profile on the social network, showing how the location actually looks like an excellent location for the fateful meeting between Abby, Joel and Ellie. Check out the photos below:

The second season of HBO's The Last of Us series is already being filmed, but there is no exact release date yet. This is expected to happen at the beginning of 2025.

Joel's house? New set leaves fans of HBO’s The Last of Us “anxious”

Fans of The Last of Us are preparing hard for the best (and worst) that could happen in the second season of the HBO series. An adaptation of the events of the game The Last of Us Part II, the new season recently started filming and, of course, images of the sets that are being built for the recordings appear all the time.

This time, a beautiful house, which is possibly Joel's residence, has been attracting attention on the Internet. See images here.

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