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Professional Baseball Spirits 2024-2025 arrives in September in Japan



Konami has announced that Professional Baseball Spirits 2024-2025 will be released on September 19th for PS5 and PC. The title will only be available in Japan, while a planned release in the West remains off schedule.

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According to the publisher, the franchise’s new baseball game will feature narration and commentary driven by artificial intelligence. As a result, the matches are expected to be more immersive and simulate real-time commentary.

Professional Baseball Spirits 2024-2025 also marks the debut of two new game modes. myBALLPARK (management oriented) and Baseball Miracle (high school coaching) join the existing VS, Pennant Race and Star Player.

In total, the title will contain more than 11 game modes, making it the largest number of activities ever recorded in the franchise. Watch the trailer below:

To learn more about the next game in the Eastern Football Series, visit the official website.

Learn more about Professional Baseball Spirits 2024-2025

Read the game’s description below, according to its official Steam page:

Experience stunning visuals and sounds powered by a powerful new game engine. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Professional Baseball Spirits series!

What are your expectations for the game? Would you like to see it in the West? Comment!

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