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PS VR2 can be used directly on the PC, PS5 firmware provides information

Vor wenigen Wochen hat Sony eine Testphase bei PlayStation VR2 angekündigt, in der sie die Kompatibilität mit dem PC testen. Hinweise in der jüngsten PS5 Firmware deuten nun auf eine direkte Verbindung zwischen Headset und PC hin. Ursprünglich ging man davon aus, dass PS VR2 nicht direkt mit dem PC nutzbar sein wird. Stattdessen wurde



PS VR2 can be used directly on the PC, PS5 firmware provides information

A few weeks ago, Sony announced a testing phase for PlayStation VR2 in which they were testing compatibility with the PC. Information in the latest PS5 firmware now indicates a direct connection between the headset and PC.

It was originally assumed that PS VR2 would not be usable directly with the PC. Instead, a streaming solution or something similar was expected that would enable PC VR content on the PS5. That would, in a way, solve the content problem.

PlayStation VR with direct PC connection?

According to the VR modder iVRy on The prerequisite for this will probably be a VirtualLink adapter, as the existing USB Type-C interface on PCs is not very common. There are currently speculations that Sony is developing its own PC driver.

The modder explains on X:

“Sony's latest firmware update enables PC access! This means it is no longer necessary to use driver/hardware workarounds to get it working on Windows. It remains unclear whether this update will enable the use of nVidia, but everything indicates that Sony's “PC gaming” plans include a direct connection.”

If the modder is correct with his theory, PlayStation VR2 should be very interesting for PC gamers, as the headset still has an attractive price with all of its features.

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PS5 players still at a disadvantage?

In this case, however, PS5 players would have very little benefit from the PC solution, as the content for PS VR2 does not automatically improve. You can only use your headset on your PC, which might be a bonus for some. Overall, however, it could boost momentum in the VR market if Sony manages to sell enough PS VR2 headsets to PC gamers.

The general situation of PlayStation VR2 is currently anything but optimal. Sony has apparently ordered a production stop and the number of high-quality games is still manageable. VR probably won't make it out of the niche market.

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