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PS2 classic Ghosthunter will arrive on PS Plus Deluxe



Do you remember Ghosthunter? This PS2 game developed by Cambridge Studio, which became Guerrilla Cambrige closed after Killzone Mercenary (PSP), was published in the United States by Namco and is now heading to the PS Plus Deluxe catalog of classics.

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Ghosthunter is a third-person shooter that was released exclusively for the Sony console in 2004. In addition to capturing ghosts, you can control a spirit to solve puzzles or attract hauntings to specific positions.

Although it received middling reviews upon release, it was an innovative title with remarkable presentation. Those who like a little nostalgia because of the graphics and gameplay style will have around ten hours of content to enjoy while playing.


The North American edition has been updated with several gameplay improvements compared to the European version. This was a time when patches weren’t possible, so what was on the disc was definitive. Want to try this out on PS Plus Deluxe when it’s available?

Those who subscribe to PS Plus Deluxe will be able to enjoy many new features in June!

Anyone who is a PS Plus Deluxe subscriber obviously has access to the Extra level Game Catalog, and in the month of June, there are lots of new features coming. Sony has already shown them all and you can check them out here!

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