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PS2 Most Wanted Edition is displayed by fan on the internet; check out



PS2 Edicao MOst Wanted

Many people can boast that they still have a PS2 to have fun at home, but few have a console shaped like a car. Believe me, there is a video game inspired by the vehicle on the cover of Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted that can win you over — and a post showing it went viral on Reddit.

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The product is practically a miniature of the BMW M3 GTR, with the same customizations seen within the title. This edition is extremely rare, has a CD input on the hood, and what's more, it still works — complete with input for two levers and everything. Check out the images:

PS2 MOst Wanted Edition PS2 MOst Wanted Edition PS2 MOst Wanted Edition

It is also important to note that the owner of the console used an AI to increase the resolution of the photos. Pay attention to the DualShock 2 controls, also personalized, on the top of the PlayStation symbol, for example.

LTRace's Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted PS2 post went viral and another user commented: “This is unique. It was made by EA for the gaming convention in Leipzig, Germany.”

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