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PS5 closing animation changes after update



PS5 1

With the latest PS5 firmware update being offered, a few things have changed about the console system. Among them is the closing animation — something not noticed by all users and which includes a new dynamic background.

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The screen was shown by user “Heisenreborn” on X, in a video. In the clip, you can see more effects appearing on the display, before the console stands out as its side LED lights flash until they turn off.

Check below for more details on the new shutdown/sleep screen:

This is not the first time that Sony has decided to adjust the console's closing animation. At the end of last year, on the eve of the launch of the PS5 Slim, a firmware update had already changed the dynamic screen, but in a more minimalist version compared to the current one.

More details on PS5 version 9.00

Version 9.00 of the PS5, released last week, brought some changes to the console's systems. In addition to addressing optimization and general stability, it applied improvements to support for DualSense and PS VR2, as well as new features in Parties and sharing. Click here to learn more.

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