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PS5 Pro will be an 8K monster, say insiders

Mit der PS5 kann Sony auch in dieser Generation keine nativen 4K bei 60fps standardmäßig liefern, wie von Generation zu Generation immer wieder erhofft. Die PS5 Pro greift trotzdem nach dem heiligen Gral. Wie Insider behaupten, zielt die PS5 Pro auf eine 8K bei mindestens 30fps Performance ab, während eine geringere Auflösung bei 4K bis



PS5 Pro will be an 8K monster, say insiders

With the PS5, Sony cannot deliver native 4K at 60fps as standard in this generation, as it has always hoped from generation to generation. The PS5 Pro still reaches for the holy grail.

As insiders claim, the PS5 Pro is targeting 8K at least 30fps performance, while a lower resolution at 4K should enable up to 120fps. Such high frame rates are already offered in some games, but often at the expense of a much lower base resolution.

Spectral Super Resolution as a miracle weapon?

The magic trick is said to be Sony's new Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) technology, which uses AI to provide the corresponding boost. The technology is based on a custom solution from AMD and Sony and is a foretaste of what the PS6 will offer as a central feature.

As Insider-Gaming writes, which has already been read in similar terms, the eventual goal is a performance of 8K at 60fps, which they are trying to achieve on the PS6. However, it is currently not possible to say whether this is feasible.

“PlayStation's goal with PSSR is to achieve 4K 120 FPS and 8K 60 FPS. While these are not the goals for the PS5 Pro due to hardware limitations, future console interactions are the internal goal for PSSR. The PlayStation 5 Pro PSSR currently supports 3840 x 2160 and is currently targeting 4K 60 FPS and 8K 30 FPS, but it is unclear whether these internal milestones can be achieved.”

Two case studies are mentioned here:

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Game 1 (PS5)

  • Target – Image quality close to Fidelity mode (1800p) with Performance mode FPS (60 FPS)
  • Performance Mode – 1080p at 60FPS
  • Fidelity Mode – 1800p at 30FPS

Game 1 (PS5 Pro)

  • 1440p at 60FPS (PSSR used)

Game 2 (PS5)

  • Objective – Added ray tracing to gameplay

All information about the PS5 Pro is currently unconfirmed, but is probably based on internal documents that Sony shares via the developer network.

Based on this, the launch of the PS5 Pro is expected in autumn 2024.

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