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PS5 Pro would be designed with an eye on PlayStation 6



PS5 Pro imagem com o console slim e o menu do PS5 ao fundo

With so many rumors surrounding the PS5 Pro, the PS6 began to be mentioned by industry insiders. According to “Kepler_L2“, famous on X for bringing leaks and commenting on hardware configurations, Sony was already thinking about how backwards compatibility for the future generation should work.

How is this possible? According to the internet user, the configurations of the parts and clock speed — processing performance speed — of the CPU of the alleged PS5 Pro would be aligned so as not to be too above or below a possible new generation hardware launched by the Japanese giant.

I have a theory why the clock speed increase is so low (only 10%) and it has to do with backwards compatibility…

The way Sony handles backwards compatibility is very complex and requires the new hardware to run at a similar or higher clock speed, even if the new device is faster at processing. If they are using dense Zen6 cores for the PS6, they won't be able to move up to the 4GHz+ frequency for the PS5 Pro, or it would break backwards compatibility.

PlayStation 5 Pro
(SOURCE: reproduction)

Proof that backwards compatibility directly depends on this factor is one of the standard PS5 patents. When released, Sony said: “Example parameters include, among other things, the clock frequency on the new device.” In other words, the company needs to think about all this to take titles from one generation to another.

Of course, the Kepler_L2 insider is not an official source. The PS5 Pro has not yet been announced, much less the PS6, as well as the configurations of each of them. Therefore, it is better to wait for PlayStation itself to explain these functions to us in detail — until then, all of this is mere rumors.

Sony is investigating leaked PS5 Pro details

Apparently, this leak of documents with the PS5 Pro configurations will have consequences. Sony is keeping an eye on the origin of the leaks and news may appear soon. Stay up to date by clicking here!

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