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Quantum State has its first official image released



TeamKill Media still has intentions of improving the reputation of the criticized Quantum Error. This weekend, the studio confirmed that it is working on a sequel and shared the first official image from Quantum State.

The art features a possible mention of the energized sword Crucible, from DOOM Eternal. Furthermore, buildings in the background indicate that there are suggestions of a less linear exploration, with more expansive scenarios and a “definite” evolution in relation to the previous title.

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The developers also revealed that Quantum State will be a “cinematic third-person shooter” with a focus on narrative and stealth. While Quanto Error was based on first person (with hybrid mode), the sequence takes inspiration from Metal Geal Solid.

Quantum State should take a while to be released

According to the studio, the new game in the franchise does not yet have a release date and should take some time to debut on PlayStation. For this year, TeamKill Media is focusing on producing Son and Bone, and should direct more devs to the next project only in the future.

It is worth remembering that Quantum Error, exclusive to PS5 on consoles, arrived in 2023 as one of the worst games of the year. On Metacritic, the cosmic horror holds a rating of 40 points, while users rate it with an average of 37.

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