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Racing game EXOcars announced for PS VR2



Xocus VR has announced that a new racing game is coming to PS VR2. EXOcars was revealed in a gameplay video and will take players into intense open ATV racing.

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Inspired by extreme sports, the title will consist of a physics-based experience. Throughout the races, it will be possible to feel the weight of the suspension and the friction with the surface, increasing the feeling of immersion and realism.

Watch the EXOcars trailer below:

EXOcars will be available “soon” for PS VR2, Pico, Meta Quest and PC VR. There is no confirmed release date yet.

Learn more about EXOcars

Read the game’s description below, according to its official Steam page:

The game is based on real car physics, ensuring a unique driving experience in each race. Suspension dynamics and track surface interaction make every race unpredictable.

The track design pays close attention to the landscape, surface type and terrain, featuring real ramps, diversions and obstacles — each with a new challenge for players!

The game will also feature steering wheel support, allowing you to experience the thrill of a real race.

What are your expectations for this new virtual reality game? Comment!

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