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Rebel Moon Part 2: date, trailer, plot, everything we know about The Slasher on Netflix



The first part of Rebel Moon revealed its characters and its rebellious moons in December 2023 on Netflix, and the rest is coming: we tell you everything we know about part 2, from its release date to its plot, including its trailer.

Zack Snyder and Hollywood Studios, it's a long story that ended in a torrent of anger and tears with the saga of Snyder's cut for the film Justice League. But the director has not stopped creating, joining forces with a new challenger: Netflix. After a soberly titled zombie film Army of the Dead, the filmmaker proved that the public was always there. It was therefore time to implement another project, kept until then in his cupboards: Rebel Moon.

A project that wants to be different, first because it is thought of in several parts, then because it had to, according to the wishes of its director, be established in the Star Wars universe. After unsuccessful discussions with Lucasfilms, it was Netflix which agreed to extend its collaboration with the filmmaker. And even if it means financing, you might as well hit it hard and create a whole new universe in the space opera genre.

The first part, Child of Fire, was released on December 22, 2023, but Kora and company still haven't launched their big battle against the Imperium. We tell you everything we know.

Warning, spoilers for the first part of Rebel Moon straight ahead!

Release date Rebel Moon: Part 2

Rebel Moon: Part 2 – The Slasher will be released on Netflix on April 19, 2024.

The deadline may seem tight, but it was planned from pre-production. The two films were filmed at the same time, and Zack Snyder was already spending all his free time in the editing room, as he indicated to GamesRadar in December 2023: “I'm in the middle of editing at the moment. We're almost done. So I'm here – when we're done (the interview), I'll have to watch some footage from my editor, who's in Los Angeles.

Netflix titles are generally not subject to delays in the same way as theatrical releases, so there should be no change there.

Cast of Rebel Moon Part 2

rebel moon casting

The cast of Rebel Moon: Part 2 – The Slasher will include:

  • Sofia Boutella as Kora
  • Michiel Huisman as Gunnar
  • Ed Skrein as Admiral Atticus Noble
  • Djimon Hounsou as General Titus
  • Staz Nair as Tarak
  • Doona Bae as Nemesis
  • E. Duffy as Milius
  • Anthony Hopkins as Jimmy
  • Ray Fisher as Darrian Bloodaxe
  • Cleopatra Coleman as Devra Bloodaxe
  • Charlie Hunnam as Kai
  • Fra Fee as Regent Balisarius

As for the big-armed rebels who accompany Kora, The Slasher is ready to delve a little deeper into their personal stories, as Sofia Boutella indicated to GamesRadar: “No character is left behind. We really go further with each one. You get the background story and then understand why they are where they are, and why they are what they are.”

We should therefore expect additional details on the heroes, including Titus, played by Djimon Hounsou, or even Tarak, played by Staz Nair. The latter also explained: “You will see how they deal with their own demons, how they interact with each other.

You really have to see it all as a first and a second part, and not Rebel Moon 1 and Rebel Moon 2: they are two parts of the same whole. And what you get is really a deeper dive into individuals. You really understand their stories, how they got to where they were when you found them, and inevitably you bond even more and identify with that story even more. It’s ultimately a story about seven humans. We are heroes; we are not superheroes. We are imperfect. And you'll see a lot more of this transition to redemption, as well as a very, very vicious war.”

Although Darrian Fisher's character appears to have met his death in a heroic sacrifice during the final battle of the first part, his comments about the sequel seem to suggest that we will see him again, promising “great action and lots of character exploration.

Plot of Rebel Moon Part 2

We can expect that The Slasher follows Atticus Noble as he pursues Kora and the rebels on Veldt, as well as a highly anticipated clash between her and Fee's character Balisarius.

ship and army in rebel moon part 2 the hacker

The first chapter ends with Noble resurrected by the mysterious science of the Imperium, after being beaten and thrown from a very high platform, and it also appears that he has been altered somewhat.

The truth is that the first film is a setup for the second film. The ending is a crazy cliffhanger that launches you into The Slasher“, Zack Snyder told Total Film.

He also told Netflix: “My hopes are that since we've been able to make two films, we'll be able to really invest in the characters for the first film so that the audience will really understand why they're fighting for the villagers of Veldt.

As for the meaning of the title The Slasher, that's Kora's nickname, at least among members of the Imperium. “It is also linked to his relationship with Princess Issa“, specified Zack Snyder to Empire.

The second film will be a real war film. At the beginning, we harvest the crops, we learn a lot of things about the village, we sort of answer the question “Why are we fighting”. We take the time to develop relationships. And what follows is the big battle. It will be really fun.

Is there a trailer for Rebel Moon: Part 2 – The Slasher ?

Yes, Netflix has revealed the first trailer for Part 2 of Rebel MoonMarch 18, 2024. You can find it below:

The first part of Rebel Moon has been available on Netflix since December 22, 2023. For the rest, you will therefore have to wait a little longer, for spring 2024.

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