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Rebel Moon: spectators strongly divided over the trailer for part 2



The second part of Zack Snyder's production on Netflix has just been revealed in a very first trailer, and fans are divided: some love it, others hate it.

The director is no stranger to strong opinions: Zack Snyder has always been divisive in his creations, and is a big fan of the “director's cut”, offering the author of a film the possibility of showing the vision that he had of his production before it passed into the hands of other project managers.

The filmmaker always makes very clear artistic decisions to highlight his stories, and if it is not to everyone's taste, there is one who has decided to trust him: we are talking about Netflix here. While the director could not reach an agreement with Lucasfilms to create his own film Star Warsthe streaming platform opened its doors to him. Rebel Moon was born, and its first part, Child of Firewas released on December 22, 2023 with the promise of a sequel in its part 2 already titled The Slasher.

As the release of this second opus draws closer, Netflix has unveiled a first trailer. And while many fans are over the moon, others have also expressed a lack of interest, revealing a very divided audience on Rebel Moon.

Spectators are divided in front of the first trailer for part 2 of Rebel Moon

The first trailer for part 2 of Rebel Moontitled The Slasherwas released on March 18, 2024. And spectators reacted very quickly, revealing very different and often extreme opinions.

LOL! What is this waste?! Looks like a teenager was given a huge budget for his very first movie.

I forgot what happened in part 1 / Nothing

Some spectators, however, indicated that they would be there, showing overwhelming enthusiasm for this new opus of Rebel Moon :

Too hard to wait for April 19

The press review of part 1 does not really help to make the sequel shine: Child of Fire had been treated to a very lukewarm reception, even freezing for some. Le Monde, in its 2-star review, then indicated that “the first part of the science fiction diptych offered by the director and the VOD platform will not disorient “Star Wars” fans. He won't distract them either.”

For its part, Écran large described the film as “a beautiful model of flashy old-fashionedness” and Première criticized an aspect “too lame, too poorly written, too poorly played“, and yet not going so far as to be “pretty crazy“.

But all is not lost, since others have appreciated Zack Snyder's film, such as IGN France noting that “the director has fun, and deceives us in no way about the merchandise so there is no harm in following him happily into his world. Except perhaps we would have preferred the long and mature version directly, while we're at it.”

Rebel Moon: The Slasher will be released on April 19, 2024 on Netflix.

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