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Red Dead Online update brings bonuses in RDO$, XP and gold



Rockstar Games released the news that comes with another update for Red Dead Online. During this month of March, players will be able to obtain bonuses in RDO$, XP and gold, as well as a series of rewards to expand their influence in the underworld.

Second in command of the mafia, Guido Martelli makes a living by bringing organized crime to the chaotic border. The notorious Angelo Bronte entrusted Martelli with the task of recruiting worthy professionals for services that require extra care, discretion and indifference to morality.

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Visit Martelli in Saint Denis to service these repulsive characters in Dirty Money Contracts, earning you 2x RDO$ and XP in Red Dead Online until April 1st.

Take extra time to loot various chests, bodies, and camps while searching for Capitale. Your chances of discovering the mob's favorite currency in all Black Money Contracts will be increased this month.

2X RDO$, gold and XP on Black Money Opportunities

Exchange your hard-earned Capitale with strangers marked by the Dirty Money icon on your map to take advantage of Dirty Money Opportunities.

These Opportunities vary in difficulty depending on how much Capital is invested and are yielding 2x RDO$, Gold and XP this month in Red Dead Online for an extremely risky and well-paid service.

Bonuses for Bandos

Trade your lone wolf status for a pack of allies by playing in a Permanent Pack, with suspended breeding fees and more XP for your joint effort.

Additionally, complete any Blood Money Opportunity this month with a Permanent Flock to receive the Red Printed Bandana. Participate together in the Featured Series to receive a Green Prieto Poncho.

All Red Dead Online Offers and rewards will be delivered within 72 hours of completion.

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Source: Rockstar

Dirty Money Prizes

Complete any Blood Money Crime in Red Dead Online by April 1 to receive 2 Powerful Miracle Tonics and 50 Light Pistol Bullets, and complete any Blood Money Opportunity this month to receive the Blue Morales Vest.

Players who complete a Blood Money Contract each week of the month will receive:

  • From March 5th to March 11th: 20 Poisoned Throwing Knives
  • From March 12th to 18th: pair of Carver Green Pants
  • March 19-25: Civil War Treasure Map
  • From March 26th to April 1st: Beige Alligator Hat

Double RDO$ and XP in the Featured Series

Shed blood, sweat, and tears in extreme versions of multiple modes, including Team Shooting and Public Enemy in this month's Featured Series. Participate in any of the following modes to earn 2x RDO$ and XP until April 1st.

Claim victory in any Featured Series match this month to receive a Caramel Double Carbow Cartridge in Red Dead Online.

  • From March 5th to 11th: Extreme Team Shooting Series
  • From March 12th to 18th: Saint Denis Extreme Series
  • March 19th to 25th: Public Enemy Extreme Series
  • From March 26th to April 1st: Extreme Series

Free Community Inspired Outfit

The outfit inspired by the “gamingflixx” community on YouTube shows the power of well-thought-out accessories. Utility clothing includes suspenders to hold your pants in place, a holster for your gun, and a hat to block the sun's rays.

Redeem the pieces below for free at participating tailors and on the Red Dead Online Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalog pages until April 1:

  • Cayuga Hat
  • Tissue
  • Cotton Suspenders
  • Work Shirt (men's) or Western Shirtwaist (women's)
  • Marine Gloves
  • Batwing Chaparreiras (male) or Batwing Chaparreiras (female)
  • Bandito Pants
  • Blackburn boots

Additionally, the Compact Chimney Top Hat and Bowyer Boots are available for purchase again through the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalog, but only until April 1st.

red dead online
Source: Rockstar

Gunslinger Kit in Red Dead Online

Outlaws can take advantage of a 2 Gold Bar discount on the Gunslinger Kit this month — a package that includes the Fierro Bandana, ammo sets, consumable items, and Capitale. Stop by the nearest clandestine store to check it out.

Red Dead Online is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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