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Red Faction Guerrilla sequel has been cancelled, say devs



Former Fishlabs developers gave an interview to the website Rock Paper Shotgun where they stated that the cancellation of the sequel to Red Faction Guerrilla was ordered by Embracer Group. According to them, the company canceled dozens of projects, including the Red Faction franchise – although there was a statement to the contrary in 2023.

The producers stated that the new game would be “a safe sequel” with familiar mechanics. Volition’s original content before its purchase by Embracer was maintained and there would be immersive sim systems, such as Dishonored’s Freedom. Players would control a female protagonist with the mission of forging alliances with other factions.

The game’s most updated project was presented in mid-2023 and the developers expected to receive the green light for the announcement. However, an internal vote at the company left the project divided and, soon after, Embracer made cuts, layoffs and cancellations.

Currently, developer Fishlabs is focused on supporting other Embracer Group ventures and does not work on a specific project.

Embracer cancels Red Faction and becomes involved in new controversy

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