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ReFantazio drops legendary Japanese voice actor from cast



Toru Furuya, veteran Japanese voice actor who voiced Yamcha (Dragon Ball) and Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac), has been removed from the game Metaphor: ReFantazio. The action took place after the professional admitted an extramarital affair that became abusive.

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As reported by Japanese tabloid Shūkan Bunshun, Furuya, 70, had a four-year affair with a fan 37 years younger than him.

After much repercussion, the voice actor used the social network X to confirm that the report was true and confessed that, at one point during their relationship, he attacked her and made her have an abortion after getting her pregnant.


I cannot apologize enough for betraying the trust of all my fans who have supported me over the years, disappointing them, hurting them and tarnishing my character,” Furuya said in part of the statement.

Atlus posted a statement on its website on Tuesday (11), confirming that Furuya will be removed from the game and replaced by a new actor.


Atlus Co, Ltd is announcing that due to various circumstances, voice actor Toru Furuya, who was announced to appear in the new RPG Metaphor: ReFantazio, scheduled for release on October 11, will be replaced.

Extended gameplay of Metaphor: ReFantazio is strategic and fantasy

More gameplay news from Metaphor: ReFantazio appeared in recent days, where several events were held in the games industry. In this one, shared by GameSpot, there are more than 30 minutes of action showing strategic gameplay. Look!

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