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reinforcement on servers finally meets demand



Arrowhead and PlayStation were positively surprised by the success of Helldivers 2. The consequence of this, however, was not so pleasant. For several days, the servers were unstable due to the large number of players, however, last weekend they were finally able to meet demand.

According to Johan Pilestedt, executive director of the developer, the capacity of simultaneous players rose to 800 thousand and, finally, the demand was able to be met. Measures such as disconnecting players who drop control in the menus and recent updates helped to achieve this goal.

With this “time off” involving connection issues, the studio will finally be able to focus on improvements to gameplay. Check out:

I'm very happy and proud of the Arrowhead team for an incredible achievement: the servers handled all Helldivers 2 players this weekend without any issues. We now have time to focus on improving the title and returning to our original plan. Many interesting things are coming!

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Previously, Johan said it was worth waiting for an improvement in the servers. Would this be a good time to join the action in the cooperative shooter?

Helldivers 2 may have sold 3 million copies, suggests director

Pilestedt has even been very mysterious about the number of copies sold of Helldivers 2. According to the CEO, the count could be close to 3 million. Find out more information here!

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