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Remake of The House of the Dead 2 is rated in Europe



Europe’s top games ratings body has listed the remake of The House of the Dead 2 for Nintendo Switch. With this, SEGA’s classic rail shooter could soon return, following a release for the PS4 — as was the case with its predecessor.

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According to the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) website, the game will be suitable for people over 18 years old. This is due to the appearance of a large amount of graphic violence, as well as people in vulnerable situations.

The page also mentions that the remake of The House of the Dead 2 will have “exposed skeletons, entrails and other body parts.” All this, added to the possibility of shooting innocent people, made the game contraindicated for minors.

The House of the Dead 2The House of the Dead 2
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Will The House of the Dead 2 be a remake of the first game?

The remake of the first game in the franchise was initially announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. This way, The House of the Dead 2 can follow the same path, even with the official classification only mentioning the portable console.

Furthermore, more optimistic fans can think about a possible version for PS5, containing visual improvements and new content. The upgrade to the new generation of consoles arrived in the first game in the series some time after its relaunch.

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