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Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami founds Kamuy studio



Shinji Mikami, renowned video game developer famous for creating the Resident Evil series, took an important step in his career and founded a new studio: Kamuy Inc. The news was revealed on the Shadows of the Damned Hella Remastered project website.

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His departure from Tango Gameworks, in 2023, marked a significant change in his professional career. After all, would this be the last move of the legendary Mikami's career? None of that!

Shinji Mikami interviewShinji Mikami interview

Over the years, Shinji Mikami has stood out for his contributions to the gaming industry, especially during his time at Capcom, where he directed the first Resident Evil, its GameCube remake, and other acclaimed productions.

He also founded Tango Gameworks in 2010. The studio is responsible for important games such as Hi-Fi Rush, The Evil Within and GhostWire: Tokyo.

Shinji Mikami plays new project alongside Suda51

While specific details about the new studio's operations are still scarce, the founding of this new company represents a new chapter. His current collaboration on Shadows of the Damned Hella Remastered, alongside Goichi Suda (better known as “Suda51”), could catch the industry's attention.

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