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Respawn works on new Star Wars “awaited by fans”



Rumors about a new Star Wars FPS being in development by Respawn are old, and at the end of last year the company, which has not yet officially confirmed the game, admitted that it has “exciting things” up its sleeves. Well, it seems that one of them is actually a single-player experience of the famous saga.

Journalist Tom Henderson published the information in your profile on X, saying that the company is “producing a single-player experience that has been anticipated by fans for a long time.” The reporter even promised an article more complete once I have some more details.

It is worth remembering that Star Wars games are also in development by Ubisoft and Skydance. In other words, people who enjoy the franchise and want to experience it in games will have a lot to enjoy in the coming years.

New Star Wars should be released by Ubisoft this year

The new Star Wars, developed as an open world game by Ubisoft, may arrive on consoles sooner than expected. According to a recent report, the codenamed title Project Helix is ​​expected to launch in early 2024.

The information was released by Kotaku sources and indicates that the game would be the “other big game” mentioned by the publisher in its last earnings conference. With this, the company would have ambitious intentions of making the title available in the first half of this year.

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