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Respawn's Mandalorian game has reportedly been canceled




The excitement over Respawn's supposed Mandalorian game was short-lived. Exactly two weeks ago, journalist Tom Henderson, from Insider Gaming, broke the news that the title would be in development and generated great excitement in the Star Wars community and FPS players. However, it appears that the project will not go ahead.

The information is from the same reporter, who published on social network which is trying to provide a more faithful confirmation on the topic. The cancellation would be part of EA's decisions, which informed its employees of a 5% cut in the team. According to Games Industry, which reported the layoff, a game from a major franchise would have been discontinued.

In other words, putting the pieces together, it is very likely that this really is the Mandalorian game. After the first post, in which he asked people with knowledge of the situation to contact him, Tom made another post, with a GIF that suggests that this is really what happened.

A shame, isn't it?

Mandalorian game would be inspired by APEX Legends

According to Henderson's sources, the Mandalorian game would have jetpack mechanics to offer complete vertical and horizontal exploration. Its action system would also be “very fast”, rewarding those who perform successive kills and attack and defense maneuvers. The inspiration would come from the frenetic pace of APEX Legends. However, it seems that it wasn't enough to make EA move forward with the idea.

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