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Returnal was decisive for Sony to buy Housemarque



Returnal was the first major PlayStation 5 exclusive and Housemarque left nothing to be desired in the experience. It’s no surprise that shortly after the project was delivered, the developer ended up being acquired by Sony and is now part of PlayStation Studios.

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In a recent video released by the studio, this question was raised by creative director Gregory Louden. According to him, Selene’s adventure was the gateway for them to get PlayStation’s attention. Check out the speech below:

I think the future of Housemarque is incredibly exciting. I see Returnal as the culmination of the company’s previous games, but also the beginning of a new future for the developer. I think in many ways there is a before and after Returnal. Returnal is, obviously, the game that allowed us to enter PlayStation Studios. They supported us in every aspect. And every other studio at PlayStation has been so collaborative, welcoming and there’s been a lot of knowledge exchange on both our side and theirs. Now that we have established that voice and have the technologies and experience, we can continue to grow. I see this as an ability to push the medium forward and essentially challenge what games can be.

Housemarque has Brazilian as senior producer

As you can see in the video above, we have Brazilians working at the company. Nicholas Sousa, our fellow countryman, serves as a senior producer at the studio and gives the following statement:

The best part of my job is helping people all day. Sometimes it’s a little stressful but it’s this human interaction on a daily basis that helps people unlock their work, take it forward and hopefully become something they’re proud of. That’s part of the joy of being a producer.

Nicholas also highlighted that Housemarque has diverse people with different perspectives and experiences, transforming the environment into a welcoming place for everyone. The focus, as always, is gameplay coming first, so it’s quite an experience working on games with other developers.

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