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Reynatis, new action RPG for PS4 and PS5, is revealed



Natsume Atari announced the release of the action RPG Reynatis for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. Led by ex-Square Enix veterans, the title arrives on July 25th in Japan, but has no forecast of availability in the West.

Oppressed during his life for being a wizard, Marin Kirizumi decides to abandon his anonymity to appear on the streets of Shibuya. Alongside vigilante Sari Nishijima, he embarks on an adventure to maintain order, preventing civilians from being turned into monsters due to the emergence of a drug.

Working together, but with different ideals, they must deal with their differences before a third force emerges from the darkness. Thus, they access a Suppressed mode and a Released mode, being able, respectively, to hide their real identities and enter into battle against enemies.

In addition to realistically recreating Shibuya, Reynatis will include a morality system based on urban life and social context. Due to anti-magic policies, characters may be reported by citizens if they spend enough time in Unleashed mode.

Check out the game trailer below:

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Learn more about Reynatis

Read the game description below, according to its official website:

A youth action RPG set in Shibuya, Tokyo, where two protagonists in different positions fight for the world they want.

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