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Riot’s free FPS, Valorant runs at 4K/120 FPS on PS5



In recent days, Riot Games released a closed test for PS5 and Xbox Series players to see what the Valorant experience is like on consoles. According to the channel ElAnalistaDeBits, on Sony hardware, the experience will run in 4K at 120 FPS, promising a lot of fluidity in combat.

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When it comes to a competitive FPS, this high frame rate can help a lot. It is worth noting that this function depends on the monitor or television used to have fun on your console, after all, it needs to have compatible resolution and technologies to achieve this performance.

As highlighted by the content creator, the beta would work as follows:

The Valorant beta test runs at 4K/120FPS on PS5/XSX and 4K/60FPS or 1440p/120FPS on XSS with no visual differences. These are numbers that we are not used to seeing on consoles and this speaks very well of the performance of Riot Games’ game.

In the video, the analyst revealed more details such as a graphic comparison, textures, lighting, and all those elements characteristic of his content on YouTube. Check it out below:

Valorant does not yet have an official release date for the PS5.

Without platinum, Valorant has PS5 trophies found on PSN

Those who do well in Valorant and intend to play on PS5 to boast a platinum can lower their expectations. The game will not feature a 100% trophy, just simple achievements. Look here!

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