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Rise of Ronin trailer details combat mechanics



Koei Tecmo released a new trailer for The Rise of Ronin to introduce the main battle mechanics. The clip features never-before-seen gameplay footage and details which tools will be in the ronin's hands during the conflict in the Bakumatsu era.

In the game's campaign, players will have several melee and firearm weapons at their disposal. There are swords, spears and various types of melee equipment that have their own movesets, adaptations of three stances, submissions and combos.

Meanwhile, firearms offer a deeper dynamic in The Rise of Ronin. Pistols and bayonets date back to the 19th century and allow you to inflict damage on opponents from a distance, as well as knock them off balance and correct them with blade cuts.

Other combat highlights include the mechanics of shooting while using the glider and a grappling hook, which is used both to reach places inaccessible on foot and to pull enemies towards you. Check out the trailer below:

The Rise of Ronin will be released on March 22nd for PS5. You can purchase your physical media with free shipping, guaranteed lowest price and interest-free credit card installment options through this link.

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Rise of Ronin will have multiplayer and difficulty levels

Recently, Koei Tecmo announced that The Rise of Ronin will have difficulty levels. Additionally, players will be able to enjoy the campaign in online multiplayer mode alongside up to three friends. Click here to learn more.

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