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Rise of the Ronin has “time-saving” features



Rise of the Ronin is not a short game. Far from it. However, aware that it will consume a lot of gaming time for fans, the game brings some interesting and, one could even say, innovative features to make things easier. From automatic loot and mounts to the various fast travel and infinite stamina options.

Apparently, the developers' objective is to optimize the players' experience.

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Check out the features highlighted by the GameFile observation:

  • Automatic loot elimination: You collect many weapons, outfits, and items in Rise of the Ronin, most of them color-coded to indicate rarity. As with the best loot games (but unfortunately not all), Team Ninja's game will automatically dismantle (or sell) any loot below a certain rarity level (you choose the level).
  • Automatically mount the horse: Many, many open world games give you a horse that you can summon with a whistle. Few of them make your character automatically jump into the saddle when the horse approaches. This one does.
  • Self-guided horses: Once you've mounted your horse, you can choose any place on the game's map and, with a button press, command your steed to gallop there. The virtual Japan that appears in Rise of the Ronin is full of cliffs and valleys and plenty of opportunities to waste time running in the wrong direction. But the animal knows where to go and goes alone.
  • Endless running outside of combat: Stamina meters in video games force players to ration their characters' actions so they don't run out. This is a good system during combat, but can be annoying when trying to just travel somewhere. The stamina meter here keeps players in check during combat, but goes infinite once the fight is over, allowing our game hero to run around the map forever.
  • Lots of fast travel: Yes, the Rise of the Ronin map is dotted with activity icons. Many of them are checkpoints that you can travel to at any time.
  • Never watch a scene twice: If you watch a cutscene and then fail the mission that follows it, you don't need to watch it again. You don't even have to watch the beginning by holding down a button to jump, as is common in many games. Rise of the Ronin has a setting that will automatically skip anything you've seen before.
  • Frame advance photo mode: Almost every megagame has a photo mode these days. You freeze the game and can adjust the camera to line up a perfect screenshot. However, sometimes you pause at the wrong time. To fix this, you usually have to try again. That doesn't happen here, because its photo mode allows the player to advance their animations from the frozen scenery frame by frame to get to a better moment for a better screenshot.

The Rise of Ronin will be released on March 22 for PS5.

Trailer for The Rise of Ronin focuses on the plot

The Rise of Ronin is not just a samurai game with a pure focus on gameplay. It has a rich background universe and very strong political motivations for the protagonist to move his sword. In the latest trailer, the three main factions were highlighted.

The narrative is deeply influenced by the intense political dispute between three main factions: Sabaku (pro-shogunate), Tobaku (anti-shogunate) and Obei (western forces). Check it out here.

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