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Roblox uses AI to translate chat messages



Roblox's chat messaging feature is powered by artificial intelligence tools. With support for 16 languages ​​(including Portuguese), the technology consists of a unified translation model that streamlines communication between players.

In a blog post, the company gave more details about the use of the tool. According to her, the existing automatic translation for static content was extended to real-time interactions, considering the ecosystem context (expressions and abbreviations) and an accessible interface.

The updated version of the architecture uses AI to translate conversations with a latency of approximately 100 milliseconds. Furthermore, it guarantees better use of resources, as well as greater efficiency and assertiveness without sacrificing the quality of the text.

“We know that engagement increases when users speak or interact with others in their own language,” said Dan Sturman, CTO of Roblox Corporation. “We took that concept and removed the language barrier with machine translation.”

Translation in Roblox results from several cutting-edge features

To consolidate the new translation system, Roblox Corporation brought together linguistic similarities between the 16 languages ​​in order to improve consistency. The functionality also took advantage of advances in Long Memory Language (LLM) to ensure correct detection of the language used.

As a result, even less accurate cases can be processed by the tool, due to the development of personalized metrics to evaluate the quality of the translation. These include fluency, benchmarks, and a machine learning model to predict and score error types.

Source: Roblox Corporation

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