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Rocket League celebrates nine years with Football Festival



The Euro and Copa América period also seems to be inspiring Rocket League. With the game’s nine-year anniversary approaching, a huge celebration called the Football Festival will be held.

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Each week comes with a new set of challenges that will elevate your passion for Soccar! All challenges stack, so you’ll be able to complete them all by the time the festival ends. All details are on the game’s official website.

“Prepare your car for the big leagues by completing challenges to unlock player stickers and stripes inspired by teams around the world. And there’s more: swing the net in style using one of the classic football boot-themed stickers coming to the Item Shop!”, say the developers.

The event is a partnership with adidas, which brings a series of different cosmetics to the game, with car stickers inspired by the brand’s iconic football boots.

Rocket League in Season 15

The game’s latest update includes new features with punk rock and summer vibes, including a new stadium and lots of rewards. The highlight of the season is a Salty Shores themed variant. The map can be enjoyed with a mix of additional songs, created with an electronic and punk rock theme. Furthermore, the radio undergoes a complete redesign. Read more here.

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