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Rocksteady prepares for Suicide Squad Season 1



The month of Season 1 of Suicide Squad has arrived! With this, Rocksteady is preparing to adjust the title to receive new features, such as the Joker as a playable character, as well as equipment, activities and more.

Due to the high demand for work, the studio announced that it will not make a new update available next week. In a statement made on the official website, the developer acknowledges that players are waiting for the improvements, but the current focus is “getting the entire experience ready for the first season”.

Rocksteady identified some of the main problems, such as difficulty logging in and matchmaking, as well as the lack of registration in mastery progression. For the latter, a fix was made to resolve the situation, but the first two bugs are still being investigated.

The last update released fixed the bug that appeared at the end of missions with the announcement “Loading Metropolis”. Now, players should no longer experience this infinite loading time.

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Number of Suicide Squad players continues to fall

As much as new things are on the way, the popularity of Suicide Squad is not on the rise.

Launched for computers and consoles at the beginning of this month, the game registered a peak of just 13 thousand simultaneous players on PC via the platform. Last week, there were just over 1,500 on the most successful day. Now, according to Forbes, the numbers were just over 500 this Wednesday (30) and less than 300 on Thursday (31).

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