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Rumors indicate Sony's purchase of Helldivers 2 studio



An alleged leaker, who would have corrected some recent information about Sony, published that the Japanese company would be closing an agreement to acquire Arrowhead Game Studios, responsible for the success Helldivers 2. According to him, an official announcement could happen soon.

With five games under its belt, the most recent of which is a tremendous pleasant surprise in the form of a cooperative shooter for PS5 and PC, Arrowhead has gained a lot of value in recent weeks with the numbers and positive repercussions surrounding Helldivers 2. It would make a lot of sense, of course, Sony, which has exclusive rights to the game on consoles, will invest in the studio.

“There’s something special about an Arrowhead game. We are dedicated to creating intensely exciting and hilarious gaming experiences for our players. Through games as a medium, we are on a mission to heal loneliness and build bridges, one friendly co-op session at a time. We are a values-driven company that strives to become the best co-op studio in the world”. This is how the company describes itself on its official website.

However, it is important to highlight that this is just speculation at the moment. We can only hope for possible confirmations (or negatives) soon.

Helldivers 2: Mechas are confirmed and arriving “soon”

The rumors were correct. Mechas are on the way to Helldivers 2. In publication on official game profiles on social media, Arrowhead used art showing that “Patriot Exosuits” are being manufactured and will arrive on intergalactic battlefields soon. Click here to read more.

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