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Russian video game would be in Vladimir Putin's plans



Russia is reportedly planning to compete in the gaming industry. A report indicates that President Vladimir Putin encouraged the creation of a Russian video game and would be interested in investing in the mobile scene.

According to the state media apparatus (via VGC), a meeting with leaders instructed the government to “weigh the requirements for organizing the production of stationary and portable game consoles in Russia”. This measure should be implemented by June 15 of this year.

Russian video game would reboot the local market

In addition to investment in a Russian video game and mobile devices, a native operating system and a cloud gaming offering tool were discussed by the Cabinet of Ministers. These processes would aim to develop local industry, according to a spokesperson.

This incentive would also be a way to restart the Russian market, as it suffered strong retaliation from studios and publishers after the outbreak of the conflict with Ukraine. Names such as Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, EA and Activision, which operated in the country, announced departures and sanctions in 2022.

A report published by the newspaper Kommersant reports that the plans have been virtually confirmed by Putin. However, the leader would not be interested in competing with PlayStation and Xbox in the short term, as it would be possible at least “ten years” for the supposed Russian video game to take off.

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