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Rusted Moss will be released on June 20th for PS5



The pixelated metroidvania Rusted Moss will have new homes starting June 20th. Playism announced that it will launch the game for PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch, providing a major update upon its debut on consoles.

The game will take players to a collapsing world, where humanity is desperately trying to survive after the rise of witches. Now, it's up to a young girl to avenge the survivors of the betrayal, using special abilities to restore the age of fairies and men.

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Rusted Moss features more than 20 unique powers, powerful bosses, strategic physics-based gameplay and a hook tool manipulated in a double shooter style. In addition, it has a firearms system as the basis of the gameplay and interaction functions with NPCs.

Watch the trailer below:

Learn more about Rusted Moss

Read the game's description below, according to its official Steam page:

Rusted Moss is a metroidvania-style twin shooter where you grapple past witches and rusty mechanical monsters. This desolate and ruined land was once a home for humans; now the Fairies, long forgotten, knock on the door…

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