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Sackboy A Big Adventure will have Astro Bot skin



Sackboy A Big Adventure continues to innovate by bringing several crossovers with major PlayStation franchises. Now, the chosen one is the little robot from Astro's Playroom, a game that comes factory installed on the PS5. That's right, the Astro Bot skin will come to the title for free.

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The new item will be available for free download on March 8th on the PS Store, as will other previously released outfits. The title's official account even showed a preview of the in-game cosmetic's look. Check out:

The heroes of PlayStation's platforming adventures combine with Astro Bot's out-of-this-world new costume in Sackboy! Take Astro Bot with you on your adventures in Sackboy: Big Adventure with this free costume available for download starting March 8th.

This is not the first game that Astro Bot has appeared as part of a collaboration, no. On another occasion, it arrived as part of a set of cosmetics for Fall Guys, exclusively for PS Plus members. Have you had fun in Astro's Playroom with him?

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