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Sand Land demo arrives by surprise on the PS Store; download here



Attention, fans of Akira Toryama's works! If you were curious to know the story of Beelzebub, now is the time. A demo of Sand Land has just arrived on the PS Store for players to try the game on PS4 and PS5.

The Sand Land demo offers interested parties a preview of the full game on a select part of the map. According to the product description on the PS Store, you will be able to enjoy the following features:

  • Exploration of a limited part of the Sand Land map.
  • Limited action of playable characters: Beelzebub, Rao and Thief.
  • Limited action of Battle Tank, Battle Armor and Motorcycle type vehicles

Furthermore, anyone who explores this universe will still benefit from the full version of the game. Look:

  • Bonus items will be unlocked in the full game by playing the demo! They can be used to upgrade vehicles in Spino.
  • 30 Grade B Steels
  • 30 Grade B Screws
  • Spino will be released as you progress through the full game.
  • Players will receive bonus items when starting a new game in the full game with save data from the demo. Players will not receive bonus items if demo save data is created after starting a new game in the full game.

Ready to take action, download the demo from the links below:

Sand Land demo arrived with new trailer!

Closing the news, Bandai Namco released a new trailer for Sand Land, showing what players will find in the demo. See below:

And there? Do you intend to venture into this? Play and tell us how the experience was!

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