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Scratchy gets a resurrection lesson from Gayle in Baldur's Gate 3



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Scratchy gets a resurrection lesson from Gayle in Baldur39s Gate

Gayle teaches Gratouille a lesson on how to resurrect him after they both fall in battle in Baldur's Gate 3.

The Game of the Year winner continues to impress fans with the game's level of detail. Based on D&D, Baldur's Gate 3 allows you to fully customize your character and chart your own destiny throughout the game.

Along the way, players meet various companions who offer new perspectives and playstyles. One of them is Gayle, who is one of the most dramatic members of the group. However, the wizard can prove useful in many situations, such as with his ability to cast a spell on himself to resurrect himself.

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By dying during the fight, whoever is closest to Gayle receives an explanation on how they can resurrect him. Usually this will be another human member of the team, but players can choose to adopt Scratchy, a dog found in Act 1, and use him in combat.

While dying next to Scratchy, Gayle gives him instructions, resulting in a hilarious scene.

Gratouille takes on Gayle's resurrection role in Baldur's Gate 3

On Reddit, player Ganning14 posted a video of an interaction he captured between Gratouille and Gayle. This happened after Gayle fell in battle, with Scratchy being the closest to him.

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The deleted scene begins with Gayle explaining the rules of her resurrection before play switches to Scratch who appears to be doing his best to understand what Gayle is talking about.

Gratouille has no idea what Gayle is saying but he's happy to be involved ” said one commentator.

Others enjoyed seeing Gayle trying to explain something to a dog. Which one user pointed out wouldn't work unless Gayle cast a spell that would allow her to talk to animals.

Fans have wondered if the interaction was potentially a bug, but it's clear that they want this feature to be permanent in the game. Although Baldur's Gate 3 has been out since August, players continue to find new aspects of the game which makes it all the more enjoyable.

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