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Season 2 of Solo Leveling confirmed, the next arc already teased



Season 2 of Solo Leveling has been officially confirmed in a teaser, which already offers clues about the anime's next arc.

Solo Leveling was long awaited by fans, and the anime shook everything up by becoming the sensation of the beginning of the year. Each episode will have kept its audience in suspense, but season 1 only had 12.

And obviously, after the finale released on March 30, we had to expect complaints from spectators who wanted more, while Jinwoo unlocked new powers.

However, the studio had already planned everything since at the end of the episode, it was announced that the hero's adventures would not end there. Because Sung Jinwoo, who has become “shadow monarch”, will still have to venture into other portals to face monsters and continue to gain power.

To mark the occasion, the studio also released a teaser, offering the name of this second season: “Arise from the Shadow” (literally : “rise from the shadows“). The term “Arise“, already used as the title for episode 12 of the first season, directly refers to the order that Jinwoo gives to create shadows from the bodies on the battlefield. We should therefore discover more about the new powers of the young man, who has become “shadow monarch” after his quest to change classes.

Better yet: the teaser ends with an image of the hero in a very special outfit, a coat that he obtains in the Red Portal arc. An event which takes place directly after that of the class change, and which promises to show Jinwoo's shadows at work for the first time.

The first season also took liberties in its adaptation of the Chugong webtoon, advancing certain events related to Jeju Island. It is therefore possible that these additional scenes are there in order to prepare the ground, for an arc on these devastated lands.

At this point, no release date has been given for season 2, and the studio has not yet revealed the number of episodes for this next installment. A report from Korean media The Bell argued in February 2024 that “season 2 will begin broadcasting in the second half of the year“. But the information has not been confirmed, neither by Crunchyroll, nor by the studio or the publishing house of Solo Leveling : it should therefore be taken with a pinch of salt.

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