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Season 4 of The Boys features a Call of Duty easter egg



Call of Duty and The Boys have crossed paths several times in MW2, MW3 and Warzone, but this time, players spotted a subtle easter egg in season 4 of the Prime Video series.

Crossovers are becoming a common practice in Call of Duty, with big-name franchises like The Walking Dead and even Dune. One of the most popular was The Boys, including operators for characters like Homelander and Starlight, as well as several events in Warzone, MW3 and MW2.

Now, the collaboration is going in the other direction, as CoD players have spotted an easter egg in the series itself. Season 4 of The Boys has arrived on Amazon Prime, and the reference in question is in the very first episode.

When Vought is considering new candidates to join The Seven, the series’ Avengers-level superhero team, one of the profiles shown is that of a character called “Wrangler.”

Although it’s on screen for a brief moment, among Wrangler’s special skills are “Quick Scope” and “Slide Cancel”, as seen in a screenshot shared by Reddit user ‘Eclitzz’.

The first is a proven skill where players quickly take down enemies immediately after looking through their scope. As for slide cancel, it is a way of moving quickly on the map by initiating a slide before canceling it, which has become the preferred mode of movement for players in modern games.

Wrangler also had skills like “Hip Fire” and “Fast Draw,” which could also refer to unaimed shooting and attachments from Modern Warfare respectively. Of course, some of these skills could be references to other FPS games, but given the history between the two franchises, it’s more likely that this is a nod to Call of Duty .

That’s not the only connection The Boys season 4 shares with CoD, as one of the show’s new characters is also a familiar face. Frenchie’s new conquest, Colin Hauser, is played by Elliot Knight – who fans know as Kyle “Gaz” Garrick from the remastered Modern Warfare series.

Knight’s version of Gaz appeared in Modern Warfare (2019), Modern Warfare 2 (2022), and Modern Warfare 3 (2023), playing a major role in each campaign and appearing as a multiplayer operator.

It remains to be seen whether these references mean we can expect more The Boys content in MW3 and Warzone, but there are still plenty of crossovers to come, from the ongoing Gundam event to the upcoming Fallout collaboration.

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