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Season 9 of Overwatch 2 will have changes to the competitive



Blizzard brought many changes to Season 9 of Overwatch 2 and detailed everything that was released to engage the community. This time, the changes in competitive promise to make the action even better, not to mention the co-op mode prepared by the developers.

The main event will be called Cosmic Crisis, where the community will need to work cooperatively. Check out the details below:

Overwatch Season 9 2 - Champion with cannon aimed highOverwatch Season 9 2 - Champion with cannon aimed high
Source: Blizzard

New Event: Cosmic Crisis

  • Face off against “eldritch” abominations in the warped reality of Cosmic Crisis, a new co-op mission.
  • Work with three other players to repair your ship and escape the ruins of Ecopoint Antarctica, fighting the monstrous Null Sector.
  • Be mindful of your teammates, as an ancient power lurks in the shadows, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

Competitive Play Updates

  • Skill Rank Reset to give all players a chance to climb higher due to changes to heroes and the addition of a new skill category.
  • Complete overhaul of placement matches, displaying the predicted ranking after each placement match.
  • Competitive updates after each match, replacing the need for five wins or 15 losses.
  • Introducing a new skill level called “Champion” above Grandmaster, highly exclusive.
  • Updated requirements for grouping, ranging from Bronze to Champion.

Art and Interface Updates

  • Redesign of rating icons for better readability.
  • Skill rating legend update.
  • Appearance and user interface improvements.

Competitive Points and Progression

  • Each win awards 10 Competitive Points, draws award 5, and losses continue to award no points.
  • New Competitive Progression system replacing challenges, awarding additional points after each match.
  • Introducing Jade Weapon Variants as rewards.

Matchmaking Rating

  • Adjustments to internal matchmaking ratings to bring players closer to the normalized average.
  • Matchmaking ratings have been decayed, with greater decay at the highest ratings.
  • Most players will start at a lower rank and division than their most recent rank.

Competitive Challenges

  • Removing competitive challenges; Rewards and progress are now displayed on the Competitive Progress page, with titles awarded at the end of the season.

Season 9 of Overwatch 2 brings gameplay balance, interface changes and more

Other changes that may catch your attention affect the heroes, interface and gameplay in Season 9 of Overwatch 2. Please note:

Player Progression:

  • Added new visual improvements for Hero/Game Mode badges starting at Level 500. Upgrade Level Progression starts at Level 2500.
  • Wrecking Ball reward titles renamed from “Champion” to “Champ” to align with Junker Queen's use of the title and avoid confusion with the new “Champion” rank.
  • Adjusted the value needed to advance certain sub-badges for Mauga and Illari.

Recommendations from Friends:

  • Referrals are only eligible if you have been in the match for a set duration.
  • Recommendations are subject to a configured cooldown period of 12 hours.
  • Recommendations are subject to cooldown even if you remove the recipient friend.


  • Added feature for controller/keyboard users that remembers what was in focus when exiting screens.

Mira Update:

  • Added new reticle types, dots, and color options for crosshairs.

General Hero Updates:

  • Global increase in the size of projectiles that deal damage to many heroes.
  • Combined HP increase for all heroes by 15-25%.
    • Heroes with 150-175 HP increased by 25 HP.
    • Heroes with 200-300 HP increased by 50 HP.
    • Heroes with 300+ HP (Tanks) increased by 75-100 HP.
  • 10% increase in ultimate ability charge costs.
  • Passive regeneration for all heroes: 20 HP/s after 5 seconds of no damage.
  • Support Passive Ability reduces the delay before regeneration starts by half (2.5 seconds).
  • Damage Passive Skill: Reload speed after elimination removed; Now, dealing damage reduces the enemy's healing received by 20% for 2 seconds.
  • Quick Attack damage increased from 30 to 40.

What do you think of the update patch for Overwatch 2 Season 9? Comment below and see more details on the shooter's official website.

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