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see 60 and 30 FPS modes in action



Square Enix made a dedicated State of Play for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and confirmed how the game will perform. It will be possible to enjoy the experience with two display modes: Performance Mode, at 60 FPS, and Graphics Mode, at 30 FPS.

The new feature was shown in action during the PlayStation conference, where a battle between Cloud and Sephiroth was shown as an example. And believe me, you can notice the difference, but make sure you leave the video in 4K and play it on a compatible screen to get the desired effect.

Square Enix even promises that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have even better textures and graphics compared to the Remake. This time, they made full use of PS5 technologies, and therefore, the two resolution options will present a performance worthy of honoring the original title.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: DEMO is confirmed and arrives TODAY (06) on PS5

And players will be able to witness part of this action this Tuesday (6) with the launch of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo. A part of the story, where Cloud and Sephiroth help each other, will be released now, and closer to launch, it will be possible to explore the Junon area. Look!

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