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See! New Twisted Metal game would have been canceled



This morning has been quite busy, with the wave of layoffs announced by Sony, which will leave around 900 employees without a job. According to journalist Jason Schreier, from Bloomberg, a new Twisted Metal game was being prepared and was canceled with these moves.

Contrary to rumors that the game would be announced soon, Schreier shared news capable of upsetting fans of the franchise. Apparently, internally, the title was in the early stages and needed a “green light” to proceed.

Furthermore, the new Twisted Metal would be delivered as a game as a service and would be under the responsibility of Firesprite, which was one of those affected by the wave of layoffs. Check it out below:

As part of today's mass layoffs, Sony has canceled a Twisted Metal live service game that was in development at UK-based studio Firesprite, Bloomberg has learned. Firesprite will also lay off an undetermined number of people. Despite some recent rumors suggesting that a new Twisted Metal game was close to release, the game was in early development and has not yet received the green light (approval), according to the source.

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