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SEGA and Rovio announce Sonic and Angry Birds crossover



From this Thursday (14th) until March 21st, a Sonic and Angry Birds crossover will be active in several SEGA and Rovio games. The universe of the two franchises will collide, so Dr. Eggman, the Badnicks and the pigs from the bird-throwing game will also join forces.

To show how broad the partnership between Sonic and Angry Birds will be, a new trailer revealed the heroes of both titles breaking everything. Check out the trailer below:


Sonic and Angry Birds crossover coming to consoles?

SEGA said the collaboration between Sonic and Angry Birds will be restricted to mobile device games available for smartphones. The events will be as follows:


Sonic Forces

Angry Birds Limited Time Event: Join Sonic and Red to stop Dr. Eggman! Collect golden rings and upgrades to add points to your team's score, defeat Dr. Eggman and win amazing prizes. Collect character cards as you race against new challenger Red, completing missions and collecting free gifts so you can unlock Red or Chuck as playable characters

Sonic Dash

Red and Chuck as playable characters: Red and Chuck join Sonic Dash as playable characters. Collect legendary character cards to unlock them for free or purchase them from the store. Discover Angry Birds-themed collectibles on your way to unlocking cool prizes.

Angry Birds 2

“Sonic Friends” Hat Event and “You're Too Slow” Themed Adventure: Join the feathery force with Sonic and friends in a limited hat-filled event! Collect special “Sonic Friends” themed hats for your Angry Birds, boost their power up and destroy the pigs' defenses. Explore the “You're Too Slow” Themed Adventure, with exclusive levels only accessible to birds wearing event hats. Hats can be purchased through the “Tower of Fortune” and an exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog spell awaits players.

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Sonic Flash Race Event: Kick off the Sonic Flash Race event in Angry Birds Dream Blast to blast through 10 levels in record time and keep the leaderboard on fire! Great rewards await the best competitors.

Angry Birds Friends

Sonic Tournament: Embark on an epic adventure against the mischievous Pig Army with Sonic, Angry Birds and friends. Defeat the piggies, free captured animals, and enjoy 30 new Sonic-themed levels featuring iconic locations and characters.

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