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SEGA suggests that Mario Wonder “got in the way” of Sonic Superstars



SEGA executives indicated that the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder may have impacted sales of Sonic Superstars, which were lower than expected. Without mentioning the Nintendo game directly, they blamed a possible “clash” of games of the same genre in the late 2023 launch window.

The company has just released the English translation of a question and answer session held this month, following the presentation of results for the third quarter of the current fiscal year. And in the document, this issue was raised.


According to SEGA, Sonic Superstars sold fewer copies than expected, and during the question session, Makoto Takahashi, executive vice president of Sega Sammy Holdings, and Nobuaki Yoshii, director of the IR/SR department, left the reason open:

Although Sonic Superstars was well received by those who played it, the timing of the release coincided with competing titles in the same genre and fell short of initial predictions.

Sonic Superstars

Sonic Superstars was released on October 17th, but soon after, Super Mario Bros. Wonder arrived on October 20th and still competed for the Game of the Year trophy. Now, the question is this: did the date alone have a negative impact on the hedgehog's game?


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