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Sephiroth goes viral and appears in several games on Twitter



Whether they're looking for a replay of Nibelheim or someone to hate, we don't know yet. But many internet users and video game fans are playing a game with Sephiroth, the villain of Final Fantasy VII, where he appears in several major games in the industry.

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It all started with a post by “rhys' pieces” on Twitter, saying that the antagonist should “be in all video games”. If it wasn't enough for Cloud Strife to hallucinate his rival in FF VII, imagine if the long-haired guy appeared in Pokémon, Persona and other major franchises?

See the result of Sephiroth's appearances below:

Uhul! Mom is impressed!

Ah yes, Sephiroth, my favorite companion in Baldur's Gate 3.

PERSONA! Or something like that, I don't know.

If the house you entered Undella Town had an aura.

The most recent appearance of the Final Fantasy VII villain took place in FF VII Rebirth, for PS5. The title won the opinion of specialized critics and proved to be one of the strong candidates for the Game of the Year trophy at The Game Awards.

For those who follow the franchise, you know very well that Sephiroth even became an inspiration for Cloud and Zack, both operations friends when they worked together at Shinra. All this admiration disappeared after the silver-haired antagonist set Nibelheim (the protagonist's and Tifa's city) on fire and murdered the inhabitants.

Would he repeat the same feat in other games?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to defeat Sephiroth in the 3D Fighting minigame

If you weren't able to overcome Sephiroth in the mini fighting game in Gold Saucer, we have a special tip for you. There is a way to overcome the villain more easily. Check it out by clicking here!

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