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Set in the Amazon, Green Hell sold 6 million copies



Green Hell has sold over 6 million copies and Creepy Jar is happy to share the news with the community. Launched in 2019, the game caught the attention of players, especially Brazilians, because its story is set in the Amazon.

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On social media, Creepy Jar showed that it was very happy with the result of the game, which is available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Check out the post below:

That’s right! Green Hell has just sold over 6 million copies on PC, PlayStation and Xbox! A big thank you from all of us at Creepy Jar for joining us on this adventure!

How does Green Hell work?

For those of you who haven’t yet ventured into this title, here’s a brief description of how it works:

Green Hell is a suffocating fight for survival in the Amazon rainforest. With his life at risk, the player sets out on a journey that will put his endurance to the test while the effects of loneliness manifest themselves physically and psychologically. How long can you survive in the face of unknown dangers?

In fact, Green Hell will have a sequel and the studio sees great sales potential with the project. Even though there is no release date, you can check out more details here!

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