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Shawn Layden criticizes industry’s “lack of patience”



Shawn Layden had a long period at the helm of PlayStation and is now working as a consultant for Tencent. With all this experience in the industry, he believes that the recent difficult times in the games market are largely the result of a lot of “impatience”.

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In an interview with Games Industry, he cited cases mainly of indie studios that made good games and were closed prematurely.

That’s the most frustrating thing when you see people saying ‘look, here’s a small studio that made a great game, has real potential, created a whole new gaming experience, but we don’t have the patience to wait for part two or three to happen’. Even though they didn’t actually get hurt by it, they didn’t make the profits they expected, and so they just cancel the project and go after already established AAA IPs, sequels, imitations and things that, from a financial standpoint, you can draw a line at. line and say if we build this game, it will probably perform this way in the market. When you bring in completely new things that people have never seen before, which can be fantastic and often are, the publishing industry doesn’t have the patience right now to cultivate these things and feels like it needs a big hit quickly. And that’s a terrible place to be in an entertainment and creative industry.

The big issue is balancing the quality of the titles with the financial needs that need to be met by them.

Shawn Layden calls for innovation

According to Shawn Layden, the time is now to innovate so as not to lose even more space.

How does the entertainment industry continue to grow, expand and reach new people? And for me, that happens through innovation and launching new types of games. So, okay, you don’t like first-person shooters and you don’t like RPGs, here’s something different, here’s a rhythm action game that’s all about music, bright colors and having fun. Where is the space for these games? And how do we continue to promote inclusion to engage new people in the world of interactive entertainment?

The full interview is available on Games Industry.

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