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Shoot'em up Rainbow Cotton arrives on May 9th on PS4 and PS5



The remake of Rainbow Cotton, a classic shoot'em up from the 2000s on the Dreamcast, will be released on May 9th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The title will have considerable improvements compared to the original version and will be available with new content.

According to a new trailer, the remake will feature visual adjustments, gameplay innovations and local multiplayer for two participants. It will also come with a classic-inspired retro mode, support for DualSense features, original Japanese voice acting, and more localizations in menus and text.

ININ Games is also preparing a high definition remaster of Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams and a full emulation of Panorama Cotton. Check out more details about the projects in a new video below (via Gematsu):

Learn more about Rainbow Cotton

Read the description of the game below, according to its official page on the ININ website:

Immerse yourself in this 3D rail shooter as the young witch Cotton, accompanied by her faithful fairy friend, Silk. Lured by Willow's promise, Cotton must confront the wicked demon Tweed and his legions of followers, who have plundered the enchanting land of York Country.

The game takes you on an arcade-inspired journey through a world full of surprises and challenges. Each level is guarded by peculiar bosses that put your skills to the test. Collect power-ups, accumulate your flashy projectiles and hurl them at colorful enemies.

What are your expectations for the return of this Dreamcast classic? Comment!

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