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Should your PS5 be vertical or horizontal?



One of the biggest debates surrounding the PS5 is whether you should store the console vertically or horizontally. Here is all the essential information on the best way to position your PlayStation console.

The PlayStation 5 is a huge console, but not everyone has the space to accommodate such a technological behemoth. The first version of the PS5 weighed a total of 4.5kg, and while subsequent versions of the console have reduced that weight slightly, that's still a lot of room to allocate for a console.

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At launch, Sony marketed the PS5 as being able to work both vertically and horizontally. This provided more opportunities for fans to incorporate the white console into their setups, especially if they were limited on space. However, reports of technical failures during vertical storage have reignited the vertical versus horizontal debate.

Against this background, owners of the current generation console are tormented by a big question: should the PS5 be positioned vertically or horizontally?

Should the PS5 be vertical or horizontal?

Officially, Sony states that all PS5 models can be positioned in either the vertical or horizontal position. The original model launched comes with a stand that can be used to store the console in either position. An official vertical stand is also available for purchase if you own the PS5 Slim or Pro models.

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Does PS5 overheat in horizontal position?

With the PS5 essentially being built as a gaming PC, ensuring your console is cooled efficiently is a valid concern. Luckily, the PS5's airflow exits out the back of the console, so whether it's stored vertically or horizontally, this won't be an issue.

However, we recommend giving your PS5 enough space away from other consoles or devices, to ensure it can ventilate properly.

PS5 horizontallySony

The PS5 launch models, disc-only and digital-only, come with a stand that allows you to position your PS5 either vertically or horizontally. The base attaches easily, using the accompanying screw found hidden in a small compartment on the base itself.

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By turning the PS5 on its side to reveal the underside of the console, a small hidden screw cap can be removed, to allow the base to be attached. Once it's tight, you can safely place the PS5 vertically, saving you space and storing your Sony console upright.

While the stand was packaged with the launch PS5, if you own the PS5 Slim you will need to purchase a stand separately.

The official vertical stand for PS5 consoles costs around €29.99 and can be purchased from respected retailers or directly from the PlayStation website. This version of the stand features a new design and is compatible with the PS5 CFI-1000 and PS5 CFI-2000 console models.

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What are the dimensions of the PS5?

Deciding whether or not to store your PS5 vertically or horizontally may depend on how much space you have for the Sony console. The PS5 is one of the largest current-gen consoles available, and not everyone has furniture that's up to the task.

Knowing the dimensions of each version of the PS5 can be a deciding factor in how you plan to store the console. It is good to know that some furniture intended for console use will include the dimensions of the PS5, and other consoles, to facilitate storage options.

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  • Dimensions of the PS5 Disc Edition: 390mm x 104mm x 260mm
  • Dimensions of the PS5 Digital Edition: 390mm x 92mm x 260mm
  • Dimensions of the PS5 Slim: 358mm × 96mm × 216mm
  • Dimensions of the PS5 Slim Digital Edition: 358mm × 80mm × 216mm

It's a question of choice

The PS5 is designed to be supported in both vertical and horizontal positions. Whether or not you want to position the PS5 vertically or horizontally ultimately depends on your preference, and how much space you want to free up for your PlayStation console.

While some experts still believe there is a problem with storing the PS5 vertically, Sony still sells a vertical stand for those who want the option.

If you want to take the supposed risk of positioning your PS5 vertically, that's entirely up to you. However, if you want to be on the safe side and store it horizontally, be prepared to make some room.

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