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Signs of a Hidden Faction in Helldivers 2 Captivate the Community



Some Helldivers 2 fans believe the Illuminate are already in the game after a series of bizarre incidents.

Helldivers 2 players are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Illuminate, a new breed of enemies that were present in the original game.


While there have been new developments for the other races already in the game, many were wondering when the Illuminate would make their introduction.

Now it looks like it might be close, as a series of strange accidents has led some Helldivers 2 players to think the new enemy is already in the game.


Helldivers 2 fans believe the Illuminate are already here

The theory is spreading on the Helldivers 2 subreddit after a player made a post, saying: “The Illuminate are already here.”

He explains how, on a recent mission, he was hit by a shot that didn't match anything the Terminids or Automatons, or even their own teammates, could produce. This leads him to suspect none other than the Illuminate.


“It must have been an Illuminate Sniper like in the first game, and he (the sniper) must have teleported right after the shot. I wish I was recording my screen at that time or had something like that in place.”

While some users are understandably skeptical, this isn't the only example of something like this happening.


A Helldivers 2 player details a situation where they expected an attack from an invisible enemy after seeing a pulsing red dot on their map, but it never happened.

“To my disappointment, I saw nothing as the dot passed overhead, changed direction to the north, and moved away from me. There’s something going on out there, Helldivers, be vigilant.”


This wouldn't be too surprising to the community, as the developers have been throwing out unannounced surprises for a little while now.

No one can say, for sure, what's going on there, but it seems like many Helldivers 2 players think they're on to something.

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